Created By: Lawrence Koby

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Graphite and Charcoal pencil drawing on archival paper.
Original size: 52.5 x 40cm



Negritude is a visual attempt to consolidate the dichotomy between all African races and countries.
It’s emphasis on the “one for all” bargain expatiates the fact that Africa is no man’s land but a land for all Africans and therefore all differences should be put aside to see to the development of our fertile land, Africa.


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Dimensions 52.5 × 40 × 1.5 cm



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Artist Info

Lawrence Koby’s pieces are quite eccentric and he explores the endless possibilities of techniques to introduce another dimension to his works, constantly evolving.

People see the universe and live their lives by what they accept is true or real. This is pretty much how they define reality, but what does it truly mean to be real or true?
Merely vague concepts, reality may be the way we immensely perceive the world around us, or a mirage.

His art remains a natural impulse and a way for him to experience the world in a way that is not preconceived, evoke introspection and essentially inspire authenticity.

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