My mind (Your mind) is an exuberant place


Created By: Lawrence Koby

Pencil drawing and upcycled magazines on paper (Mixed media)
Original size: 25 x 30cm




This is serendipity at play, and it is very graphic.
I started out drawing a part of my face exploring my imagination and keeping in mind a certain colour scheme. I hadn’t really known what it was gonna be like at the end but everything I did – which would not have been effective individually– occuring together brought about this beauty.
Now this made me reflect a little…the collective effect of the events from our conception to this very day and the next, our experiences, the relationships we’ve somehow fostered and the people who end up in our lives without us even searching. It’s all really beautiful and frankly, the crux of the matter is some of these things are results of our conscious decision – premeditation – but also a lot of it we have no control over, you could say spontaneous or natural but that’s just it.
So it might be true? The small moments of our lives takes up the biggest part of our hearts.
I’d like to think the subject matter chooses you sometimes.


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Dimensions 30 × 25 × 0.004 cm




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Artist Info

Lawrence Koby’s pieces are quite eccentric and he explores the endless possibilities of techniques to introduce another dimension to his works, constantly evolving.

People see the universe and live their lives by what they accept is true or real. This is pretty much how they define reality, but what does it truly mean to be real or true?
Merely vague concepts, reality may be the way we immensely perceive the world around us, or a mirage.

His art remains a natural impulse and a way for him to experience the world in a way that is not preconceived, evoke introspection and essentially inspire authenticity.

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My mind (Your mind) is an exuberant place


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