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Black & White Acrylic Paint. Size 58.5 x 41.5cm



Black and White Acrylic paint. Base paper has been recycled from my old sketchbook cover.
Fantastic texture is the effect of the multiple folding.


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 41.5 × 5 × 5 cm

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Artist Info

I am a multimedia artist and textile designer, also Glasgow School of Art alumini. I believe perfection is constructed from little imperfections, therefore my art is very often defined by the unwanted objects and recycled materials. There is nothing more wonderful than to give another life to unwanted object. I am fascinated about abandoned places, often forgotten by humans but not by the nature. Surrounded by their natural and organic scenery those places are the biggest inspiration for my art.
The techniques I am using I would say are ‘My Own’ and not necessarily associated with anybody. By saying that I am very much in love at Simon Hantai creative work.
There is nothing more exciting and fascinating than revealing unconsciously folded material to see the final effect. The materials I use are recycled: this includes fabrics and frames which are made from old wooden pallets

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