“END” – Limited edition prints


Created By: Laurent Seljan

Paper Collage portrait, 2015 Madrid.
Prints are printed on Hahnemühle smooth photo rag 300g paper




This is a collage made with black & white and color prints, lead pencil, dust and assembled with cello tape.
The original’s measurements are 30 x 40 cm. this collage is a portrait worked as if it was an abstract composition: white and colored shapes stand out against the darkness of the bust. “END” represents the end of a stage for example a lost love, the exact moment when you have a blank because you realize your world is falling appart and can no longer think, when just remains this surreal idea “it’s over”…

On the larger versions you may see dust and weft of the prints used. this is intended and is part of the original work. However, the printable version have been retouched by the artist to erase some unwanted elements especially on the the hair area.


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Artist Info

Laurent Seljan is a French self-taught multidisciplinary artist. He draws and paints his universe since childhood. After Leaving Beaux-Arts school, he worked as a photographer for dance compagnies and was a set designer for several years. He initially used the collage as sketches for his paintings and it was not until 2013 that he decided to make it into works as itself. Although he continues to paint, collage became his main mode of expression.

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"END" - Limited edition prints


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