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Born from the Dead


Created By: TimileyinArts Store

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An illustrative art made with charcoal pencil and poster color
Original Size: 16 by 18 inches
Limited Edition prints.



Born from the Dead – Limited Edition prints
A combination of silhouette drawing and still life
painting. An illustrative piece made with poster color and charcoal pencil on pelican paper. It illustrates the Christian salvation story: how the death and ressurection of the saviour brings life, hope and redemption. The 3 flowers used are symbolic of everything this piece is about.
Year: 2020


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Dimensions 40 × 0.2 × 50 cm



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Artist Info

I am a 25 years old Sociologist and artist born and resident in Nigeria. I love music and every form of art. I also love intellectual discussions. I am a perfectionist and a lover of beauty.

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