Love it? Frame it!

Bespoke Picture Framing – huge selection of frames, colours and finishes.

Can be a photo of your loved ones (yes, a montage of your selfies counts), a football shirt of your fav player or a real work of art, we can put it behind glass for you.

Expert, bespoke picture framing services for all your artwork and memorabilia needs. From photos, posters, and diplomas to flags, jerseys, and – well, you name it. We do it all!

We work with the highest quality materials by the country’s leading manufacturers of moulding, mat board and glass. Treasured artwork, documents, family photos or heirlooms need the right glass or acrylic to block UV light rays that cause your artwork to fade and deteriorate over time. In addition, TruVue Museum Glass© is virtually invisible, and provides the lowest light reflectiveness possible, allowing your items to be seen the way they were meant to be.

Pure cotton rag fibre mat and mount boards, combined with industry standard methods of attachment, ensure your work will stand the test of time and be the focal point of your home decor!


With a huge selection of framing mouldings, you can choose the perfect colour, material and design for your artwork. Staining, painting, varnishing, hand finishing.


We can cut glass and mirror in any size. We also repair damaged frames.


If you have a painting (or printed canvas) that you want to put up on our wall, we can stretch it for you. After the canvas is stretched, it can be framed.


A process in which a print is bonded to a mount board. The thickness of the mount board can vary, from thin (3mm) to very thick (2cm). Perfect for short-term exhibitions.


This type of frame is used to frame thicker objects e.g. foot­ball jer­seys, box­ing gloves, memorabilia, etc.


A lighted display panel used for advertising purposes. The panel can be illuminated by fluorescent light bulbs or LED lighting strips.


Made to last with various techniques: Uv / gallery / non-reflective glass and archival materials.


The artwork sits in the frame, perfect for canvases.

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